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An operating system tailored for industrial equipment
Industrial BI Kanban
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To help users complete the data capture, collation, presentation and other work, users can build BI Kanban independently and select the equipment data or production data that they focus on in the production process, so that the data can be seen at a glance in the big screen.
Visual API choreography
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You can use the API orchestration interface to access multi-dimensional enterprise data, which can be fetched as needed. Connect various business systems through API, reuse the existing business system capabilities, and make the integration architecture and service relationship more clear. Visual configuration, easy to operate.
Process planning engine
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Aiming at the pain points of process planning in equipment manufacturing enterprises, the process planning engine is built. Through simple and visual configuration, let the terminal production enterprises have the ability of process planning. According to statistics, the new single process scheduling time has been shortened from 12 to 24 weeks to 1 to 3 weeks.
Retroactive function
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Support forward and backward traceability, can be traced back to the part and then to the material information by scanning the product code, and can also scan the process data from the material code to the part and then to the finished product. It can meet the needs of some industries with high requirements for production safety and material traceability.
Predictive maintenance
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The operation of the equipment is analyzed, and the equipment management personnel are reminded to overhaul or maintain the equipment irregularly through predictive analysis. Change passive maintenance to active maintenance and effectively prolong the life of equipment.
Remote operation and maintenance
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It can realize the remote operation and maintenance of the equipment, and the equipment manufacturer can complete the diagnosis and treatment of the equipment fault online, which is convenient and fast. Save operation and maintenance time and greatly improve the efficiency of equipment operation and maintenance.